Our Mission

Our mission's primary purpose is to assist underdeveloped communities to become more self-sufficient.  We will connect churches, groups, and other organizations in the United States with people in improverished areas so that two diverse cultures have an opportunity to learn from each other, broaden their respective horizons, and work to eradicate poverty in the world.  In addition, our mission effort will include At-Risk youth and young adults within the United States in order to hope and purpose to their lives as well as the lives of the people they serve.  It is our desire to find a solution to the poverty that exists inside and outside our borders and to create opportunities to share skills, spiritual diversity, and traditions that can be beneficial to all who participate -- rich and poor alike.


The Mission Group of July, 2015 including 25 adults and teens, was a huge success and launched other activities at home such as beginning a Youth College Fund for young people of Pusir.  In recent years there have been high school graduates when at one time this would be thought impossible.  From this summer's trip relationships reconnected and new ones were made.  Women's Bible Study crosses language and distance barriers.  The computer lab is ready for equipment.  Updates were made to school classrooms.  This group came away forever changed and carried home love in its simplest form.


The next trip will be forming for the summer of 2018.  Mark your plans to be a part of this ministry!

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Thank you for your support. Bridging Cultures is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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